Snaptain S5C WiFi FPV Drone with 720P HD Camera
  • Small Size and Lightweight 1.55

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  • Wide-angle 720P HD Wi-Fi Camera

  • Durable ABS Material, Anti-impact for Long Time Use

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Snaptain S5C Drone

Don't Use It, Play It!

Tap to Fly

Tap on Me, Count on Me

Seize the moment whenever you feel inspired. One tap to fly, how simple is that?

Voice Control

A Drone with a Hi Sense

Say Hi to me, command me. 

 I sense, and I listen!

Gesture Control

My Body Is Your Party

Make gestures within the palm of your hand, I’m flexible and eager to work!

Trajectory Flight

Mark Your day, Make It Happen

Draw a heart shape and set your drone to fly a heart route, show your loved ones, Trajectory function grant you the power to design any shape of route.

3D Flip and Roll

Spin a Different Picture

Rock and roll ? Bohemian Rhapsody? It’s your call. Spin the drone to view 

from an upsidedown ngle and be a versatile Queen.

Altitude Hold

Too Steady to Be True

Automatic altitude with the sporting 

 720P camera maintains the drone at a consistent altitude.

Gravity Control

Let’s Lose Some Weight. Or Not !

Snaptain’s Gravity Sensor Mode enables the quadcopter to follow the direction as you move your smartphone. Follows you as you wish.

Signal Warning

On My Side, As My Guide

Get reminders whenever your drone gets lost.

What's in the Box?

Snap Your Moment


Frequently Asked Questions

When I tried to take a photo/video through the app, nothing happened. Is there any step that I'm missing?

1. turn on the s5c drone 2. connect with your phone by wifi. snaptain era if you still can not take photos, you could contact

What can i use on my win10 computer to view the video dat file saved to the micro card? nothing i can find will read the file.

Please check your card is class 10 micro sd card. If you can not find it, you could contact the

Where can I find the small screws to the drone?

We put the screw under the black box bottom.

How do i properly record a video and save it ?

Always... there’s a slot in the drone for a microSD using the remote, or you can use the app on your mobile device which will save directly to your phone.

Is this foldable?

sorry, it can not support

What is the actual range of the product.?

If you are not good at flying or under bad weather, please fly under 30 ft. if you are good at flying and the weather is good, you could fly under 80m

When you connect your iPhone to the drone remote can the phone sync up with the drone camera so you can actually see where you’re flying it?

Yes, you connect to the drone via WiFi.

Where are the obstacle avoidance sensors? I am not seeing them.

Sorry, Snaptain S5C Drone can not support. but we have 4 protective covers

My drone that i purchased keeps tilting in backward. it will not hold in place. how can i fix this?

Try triming and make sure you have the props on the right motors. take off from level surface

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