Fly High Without Breaking the Bank: the Best Drone for the Best Price

December 03, 2020 4 min read

Fly High Without Breaking the Bank: the Best Drone for the Best Price

Everyone knows flying drones is not a cheap hobby. Most drones are worth hundreds of dollars - and most of them aren't beginner-friendly. The last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money only to see your precious, recently-bought drone crash and burn.

Fortunately for all drone lovers, there are cheap, reliable, and high-quality options out there. We're talking about drones that will not break your bank and, at the same time, allow you to enjoy the drone-flying experience just as much as you would with a more expensive alternative.

Simply put, if you're looking for the perfect drone for the perfect price, the Snaptain SP500 is the one you want. It has plenty of amazing features at an incredible price tag.

Read down below to find out more about it!

Are cheap drones worth it?

You're probably familiar with the old saying, you get what you pay for. And, nine times out of ten, that adage will always ring true. You spend little money, you get little quality. But remember, that happens nine times out of ten. When it comes to drones, there's an exception to that rule.

Before you run out of your house and start buying cheap drones, keep in mind most cheap drones aren't worth it! You need to know about drones to spot the quality options - otherwise, you'll end up wasting your money!

There are a couple of questions you need to ask before you buy a cheap drone:

  • How much is it worth?
  • What features does it have?
  • What features is it missing?
  • Does it come with a camera?
  • Is it an outdated version?

If you ask those questions, you'll understand why any cheap drone costs less than a high-quality one. Maybe there's a drone that's not that expensive but it may also not have a camera, or GPS, or it's outdated. There's a reason why cheap drones are cheap - at least most of the time!

The one we recommend, the SP500, passes this exam with flying colors, though. It's state-of-the-art tech, it has a camera, GPS, and countless other features. You won't have to worry about that!

What's the best drone that doesn't cost that much?

Pound for pound, the highest-quality drone for the lowest price is Snaptain SP500. At an astoundingly low price of $150-$160 (depending on where you buy it), this drone is the best at its price range.

The competition doesn't come near it. You can try to look at it from a quality perspective or a price perspective.

When it comes to quality, similar drones are way more expensive. Drones that have the same features the SP500 does usually cost twice as much. When it comes to price, drones that are similarly priced are usually half as good.

This drone is the perfect combination of price and quality. It's that simple.

What's so good about the SP500?

The SP500 is the full package. It has a great camera, it's 5G compatible, easy to fly, comes with a GPS, and more. For beginner flyers, it's the best drone to start with. For more advanced flyers, it's still a great option for a second drone.

There are a few features that make this drone stand out from others. For example, the high-quality camera that comes with it. It has a 1080p HD camera with an adjustable angle for you to take incredible pictures from above. Its 5G transmission will make sure you take the best pictures possible, no matter how far away your drone is.

If you're not worried about the drone's camera, other things are amazing too, like the Follow Me Function or the Route Drawing feature. Even though flying is the fun part about drones, you can make your drone follow you around without you flying it. You can also make it fly a certain route without any effort at all.

The SP500 has countless other features - and you will get to discover them when you buy it!

Is the SP500 a good drone for a beginner?

The SP500 is probably the best option for a beginner. This drone is built for an easy flying experience, one where everything, even the hardest parts about flying, is made easy!

For example, most people have a hard time landing their drones when they're beginners. When you're flying the SP500, that's not a problem. You're one click away from landing your drone. And if the drone is far away, it'll come back and land by itself.

That's right! Another common beginner problem is losing your drone. If you are flying the SP500, that will never be a problem. Whenever the drone goes out of bounds, it'll fly back to its base without you doing anything at all.

Other functions, like the altitude hold and the emergency stop, make this drone the go-to options for beginners - and for more experienced flyers too!

And, it goes without saying, the price is beginner-friendly too.

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