Snaptain Drone Professional Review

December 19, 2020 5 min read

Best Drones 2020

Although drones look like little toys, there are a great investment. Whether you want to capture unique images with your new investment, or you want to improve your film production, quality drones will do it for you. The problem is that the market is crowded with several options. You need to take the time and check some essentials to purchase the right drone. Luckily, for you, we have handled several drones. Read our extensive drone review guide to discover the best drone 2021.

The Best Drones 2021

Snaptain drones are ideal for your next imaging and cinematic projects. Unlike earlier copters, Snaptain drones provide stabilization and high video quality. These drones will give you your money's worth. Let us look at the best Snaptain drones of the year below:

Snaptain Drone Ratings

1.SNAPTAIN SP500. The best drone for beginners, with 1080P FPV HD camera, double flight time, electric fence, GPS auto return home, tap-fly, follow me mode, gesture control, and 2-speed modes.

2.SNAPTAIN SP510. A foldable flyer with 2.7k motorized camera, point of interest, 5G WIFI FPV streaming, and follow me mode.

3.SNAPTAIN S5C. A steady and trackable flyer with 720 HD camera, tap to fly, gravity control, trajectory flight, 3D flip and roll, voice control, and signal warning.

Snaptain Drone Reviews

drone camera 720P


The best top-flight drone for beginners. With a 1080P FPV HD camera, 5G Wi-Fi transmission, GPS auto return, safer flight, and gesture control, Snaptain SP500 is the best drone for first-time pilots you can buy for less than $300.


Fly at Your Will

It has a follow me mode that allows you to fly it at your will. You can also use the SNAPTAIN app to draw its route and pick the desired route to capture your pictures and images.

  • Set Your Hands Free

You do not have to worry about posing the camera to take a photo or to start recording a video with this drone. All you have to do is to take advantage of the gesture control feature.

  • Capture High-Quality Videos and Clear and Aerial Photos

Take advantage of the 110 degrees wide-angle 1080P HD camera to capture quality videos and clear pictures. Its 5G WI-Fi transmission means that you will not need to worry about transmission.

  • Half an Hour of Fun

With a 1000 mAH battery and 2 modular batteries, Snaptain SP500 allows you to have great fun for up to half an hour.

  • Enjoy Worry-Free Flight

You can now set the flight distance of the drone and enjoy a worry-free flight, thanks to its GPS systems.

  • Smart Auto-Return Feature

It will always return when the battery is low. Snaptain SP500 will also return when it loses signal.

  • Snaptain SP500 Will Fly Along the Path You Design

You now have the freedom to customize your flight. All you need to do is to set points on the app.

  • Vital Headless Mode

Snaptain SP500 is the ideal drone for first-time pilots. It can fly in any direction due to its headless feature.

  • Fly it at Your Own Pace

It has 2-speed modes to make flying easy for beginners and experienced pilots.


Snaptain SP500 weighs 2 pounds and measures 12.9 x 12.9 x 2.2 inches. It uses 2 lithium batteries and has an 8520 coreless motor. The drone has more than 220 color and FPV range with a maximum flight relative height of 120M and 30 minutes flight time.


drone photograph video

With a 2.7k motorized camera, GPS auto return home feature, smart Geo-fence, waypoints, and point of interest, SNAPTAIN SP510 will do it for you if you are a first-time pilot looking for an affordable drone.


  • Quality Shoots

This drone allows you to capture high-quality videos and pictures. What is more, is that you can take advantage of its 90 degrees adjustable camera angle to capture every moment.

  • Track Your Drone and Call it Back

You can always turn to your app to track your drone when you lose signal and press the return button to return it.

  • Real-Time Images

The drone has a 5G transmission to allow you to capture breathtaking moments and share them with your friends. You can even capture images from 100ft.

  • Record all Exciting Moments From a Distance

SNAPTAIN SP510 allows you to capture all your special moments as you bike, jog, and party.

  • Focus One Point

The drone will allow you to surround one point and catch various breathtaking moments from several perspectives.

  • SNAPTAIN SP510 Follows Customized Paths

You can choose specific locations on the map for your SNAPTAIN SP510 to follow if all you want is to sit back and watch your new drone fly.

  • Enjoy a Safe Flight

Newbie pilots can take advantage of its smart Geo-fence function to fly safely.

  • Never Worry About Losing Control

SNAPTAIN SP510 can turn its tail and head into the headless mode and come back to you, giving you the peace of mind you deserve while flying it.


SNAPTAIN SP510 is 13.8 x 12.4 x 2.4 inches and weighs 9.6 pounds. It has 1 lithium battery and 1020 coreless motor with a color and FPV range of more than 300. The drone has a maximum flight relative height of 120m and 16 minutes of flight time.

Drone Pro Review


A beginner drone with a 720P HD camera with 360 degrees flips and rolls. It is the best drone for newbie pilots who have a tight budget.


  • SNAPTAIN S5C is User-Friendly

This is the perfect drone for newbies. You only need to use its take-off, land, and return button to control your new drone. Its 360 degrees flips and rolls will make things easier for you.

  • Fly Further

It supports video transmission within 80m and allows users to edit and upload every moment quickly. Take advantage of its 720P transmission signal to go further.

  • Safe Flight

SNAPTAIN S5C has protective propeller guards that allow users to enjoy a safe flight. Its ABS material will give you the peace of mind you deserve during a flight.

  • Pure Fun

With an altitude hold function and trajectory flight function, you can fly your new drone accordingly and enjoy the experience.

  • Give Instructions and Enjoy

Set your hands free by giving your SNAPTAIN S5C instructions to enjoy the moment.

  • SNAPTAIN S5C Will Follow Your Move

It has a gravity sensor mode that allows it to follow your every move. SNAPTAIN S5C moves when you move your smartphone.

Snaptain Drone Ratings


SNAPTAIN S5C measures 13.9 x 9.7 x 3.3 inches and weighs 1.55 pounds. It uses 2 lithium polymer batteries and has 816 coreless motor. It has an FPV rating of about 80M and a color rating of about 80M with 8-10 minutes flight time.

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