Firmware Upgrade | Snaptain P30

          Snaptain P30

Latest Frimware: V3.8.6_63X   

1. Supported Product

Snaptain P30

2. What's New

Improve image quality and enhance visual experience.

3. How to Upgrade

Step 1:

Format the TF card (FAT32), and then copy the downloaded firmware to the TF card.

Step 2:

When the drone is powered off, insert the TF card into the drone's card slot.

Step 3: 

Insert the battery with more than 50% power into the drone, and then turn on the drone. 

Step 4: 

After the drone is powered on, wait for about 3 minutes, turn off the drone and format the TF card. (Formatting the TF card is to avoid repeated upgrades.) 

Step 5: 

Insert the formatted TF card into the drone. After the drone is powered on again, connect Snaptain Fly APP and check the version number on the top left corner of the APP homepage. FirmwareVer: V3.8.6_63X means firmware has been upgraded successfully.