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Snaptain P30 GPS Drone with Remote Controller - Gray


Lightweight and compact

P30 weighs under 249 g.Drone is compact, foldable, and easy to transport. It's the perfect travel companion for your next adventure, and it doesn't require registration in most countries.

4K UHD video

Capture breathtaking aerial footage with our 4K UHD camera, featuring an adjustable lens for capturing different angles. View your footage in real-time on your phone for a truly immersive experience.

Flying is a breeze

P30 features built-in GPS for precise and effortless positioning. If the signal is lost or the battery is running low, the drone will automatically fly back to its starting point using the Return to Home feature.

Extended flight coverage

5GHz Wi-Fi FPV real-time transmission provides 1640ft and smooth image transmission (Please confirm that your device supports 5G signal transmission); the remote-control range can be as long as 2600ft.Enjoy stunning aerial views without any lag or disruption.

User-friendly and safe controls

P30 comes equipped with an easy-to-use remote controller and a mobile app that streams video directly to your phone. Features such as Point of Interest and Waypoints make flying simpler, while real-time flight data ensures safety.

Fly responsibly

The following website may help you make informed decisions about flying your drone: Additional state or local requirements may apply. Check your local jurisdiction.

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