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Snaptain P30 GPS Drone with Remote Controller - Gray


Lightweight and compact

P30 weighs under 249 g.Drone is compact, foldable, and easy to transport. It's the perfect travel companion for your next adventure, and it doesn't require registration in most countries.

4K UHD video

Capture breathtaking aerial footage with our 4K UHD camera, featuring an adjustable lens for capturing different angles. View your footage in real-time on your phone for a truly immersive experience.

Flying is a breeze

P30 features built-in GPS for precise and effortless positioning. If the signal is lost or the battery is running low, the drone will automatically fly back to its starting point using the Return to Home feature.

Extended flight coverage

5GHz Wi-Fi FPV real-time transmission provides 1640ft and smooth image transmission (Please confirm that your device supports 5G signal transmission); the remote-control range can be as long as 2600ft.Enjoy stunning aerial views without any lag or disruption.

User-friendly and safe controls

P30 comes equipped with an easy-to-use remote controller and a mobile app that streams video directly to your phone. Features such as Point of Interest and Waypoints make flying simpler, while real-time flight data ensures safety.

Fly responsibly

The following website may help you make informed decisions about flying your drone: Additional state or local requirements may apply. Check your local jurisdiction.

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Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help

How long will the battery life last?

Generally,the battery can last about 20 minutes when the drone is just hovering in theair with no movement. But when you fly it or active other features, the powerconsumption will be greater, resulting in a slightly shorter battery life.

Hope this clarifies things. 

What is the maximum capacity of micro SD card supported?

Themaximum capacity of micro SD card supported is 128 GB.

What type of motors does the P30 drone use?

Thedrone features a brushless motor. 

Does it support changing the drone Wi-Fi SSID and password?

TheWi-Fi SSID password is for versatility. No password is required when theproduct arrives. It can only be changed through software. So it does notsupport modification.

Due to compatibility concerns, the SSID and password of the WiFi networkcannot be changed.

Hope you can understand. 

Can the direction of the joystick on the remote control of the drone be adjusted by itself?

Thejoysticks on the remote are fixed and they cannot be customized. 

Is it possible to record sound?

We regret to say the drone does not support audio recording during videocapture. However, the app provides background music functionality, allowingusers to add music to their recorded videos.

Is there an micro SD card attached?

The drone does not come with a mirco SD card.

  Why did the drone fly away and get lost?

Wouldyou please answer the following questions to help us investigate thisaccident?

1. May I inquire about the takeoff conditions and weather? Is thevisibility good, and are there no strong winds?
2. Before flying, may I ask if calibration has been performed to ensure astrong GPS signal?
3. Before the loss of control, have any buttons been operated? If so, werethe operations conducted within the safe visible range?
4.Have you attempted to use the "Track--Find Drone" feature inthe app to locate the drone?
5. Please follow the steps below to get the flight log and send it tous.

How to download flight log:
Go to the app - tap Tutorial Guide (the icon in the lower left corner) -tap the Help manual icon - tap the current page for more than 5 times andthen you can find the flight log.

Thanks in advance for your help. 

What is the flight range and remote control distance?

Pleaseconsult the provided information:

1.Video transmission distance for the drone: 500 meters.
2.Flying distance from the drone to the remote control: 500 meters.
These distances are specified under optimal conditions withoutinterference. In urban areas with substantial interference, achieving thementioned distances may not be feasible; however, they can be exceeded inopen seaside areas.

What is the flight time of the drone?

Generally,the battery can last about 20 minutes when the drone is just hovering in theair with no movement. But when you fly it or actiave other features, thepower consumption will be greater, resulting in a slightly shorter batterylife.

In this case, here are some tips for your reference:
1. Fully charge the battery with an adapter of 5V 2A by using the originalcharging cable.
2. Hover the drone in the sky to calculate the flying time of the battery.

What should I do if I can't find the Wi-Fi network?

Please try as follows,
1.Before searching for WiFi, ensure that your phone's operating system isversion Android 8.0 or above for Android devices and iOS 10.0 or above forApple devices.
2.Ensure that your phone supports 5G WiFi technology (compatible with IEEE802.11ac protocol).
3.In an interference-free environment, power on the drone. After the droneis powered on, activate your phone's WLAN and wait for it to detect the WiFinetwork named "SNAPTAIN-P30-xxxxxx."
4.If an extended period of searching yields no results, power off thedrone, relocate to an interference-free environment, or restart the drone.Turn off your phone's WiFi, then turn it back on, and wait for thesearch.
5.Make sure your phone has no VPN or proxy services enabled.

You can follow the Tutorial Guide-Help manual on the app page to see theWLAN connection guide.

There is a video on how to connect to the Wi-Fi,

And there is a picture showing app interface WLAN guide of the IOS phonesas reference,

If the problem persists, please send us a short video of your Wi-Fi listindicating this problem and let us know the model and system version of yourphone. 

What should I do if the battery won't charge or doesn't fully charge? 

Duringthe charging process, the battery indicator flashes. Each flashing lightrepresents approximately 25% of the battery capacity. Once the battery isfully charged, all the battery indicators will remain steadily lit withoutflashing.

Please follow these steps to troubleshoot this issue.

1. Make sure that you are using the regular 5V/2A adapter. Pleasedon't use a fast charging power adapter.
2. It's not recommended charging the battery by USB port of the computer.(The power of the USB port of the computer is too low to charge).
3. Please kindly use your another Type-C charging cable to have atry.
4. Please check the battery terminals/connections, verify the charger fordamage or loose connectors.

Here is an instructional video to address this type of issue.

What should I do if the remote controller won't charge/ turn on?

Pleasefollow these steps to troubleshoot this issue.
1.The charging duration for the remote control battery is 30 minutes. Whenentering the charging state, the remote control battery indicator will flash.Ensure that the charging duration exceeds 30 minutes.
2.Power On: Press the power button once (LCD screen displays batterypercentage), then press and hold the remote control power button for morethan 3 seconds to power on gently.
3.Use the original charging cable and a standard adapter to charge theremote control, ensuring normal charging operation for the charger.
4.Alternatively, try using a different charging cable and adapter.
Also, check for any looseness in the interface.

What should I do if the motors won't rotate?

Hasthe drone ever fallen or crashed? Please try to take out the battery, foldall the propellers, then turn on the drone, and unfold all the propellers tosee if it works.

Also, could you please check the following tips to see if they work?

1. Turn the propeller manually to see if it turns smoothly. In addition,please check whether there is anything stuck inside the motor.
2. Check if the gear is worn.

If the motor still doesn't work, please send a video to show us this issue.Also, please provide us with your order screenshot or invoice for warrantyand let us know your current shipping address for further help.

Why is the drone only able to fly up to 100 feet?

Aboutthe drone would only go up 100 feet, we wonder if you have turned off thebeginner mode when you fly the drone. The drone is set to beginner mode bydefault, which its flight distance and altitude is 98ft. Please refer to thepicture:

You can turn off the beginner mode, and set the flight distance and thealtitude according to your needs and then tap "Save". Beginner modewith preset flight parameters is recommended for beginners.

Besides, if you are not familiar with drone flying, we suggest that you donot set the flight altitude and flight distance too high or too far.

Do I need an adapter for use in the UK?

You donot need a converter to charge the P30 drone's battery in the UK. Youcan simply use your own 5V/2A adapter with the original Type-C cable tocharge the battery. Here is a picture of the adapter for yourreference.

For the initial battery charge, it is recommended to charge for 4-5 hoursuntil fully charged.

Are there any instructional videos available?

Pleaserefer to below pictures showing the steps to get the instructional videos ofP30 in the app.
Or you can watch the video directly,

What is the Follow Me mode?

The drone's “follow me” function involves tapping the follow icon on themobile app screen. Following the app's guidance to maintain a distance of 50meters without obstructions, the drone will then track the movement of themobile app's position (person).

How to activate the mode, please refer to the picture:

Also, here are some tips to use the "follow me" feature for yourreference:
1. GPS Follow Me can be affected by tall buildings, trees, and areas withWi-Fi interference. It is recommended that you use this function in an openarea and be aware of your surroundings. This drone is not capable of avoidingobstacles.
2. You can't use this function if your mobile device's GPS service isdisabled or the GPS signal of the drone is weak.

What should I do if the micro SD card is not recognized?

Please note that the maximum capacity for the micro SD card on the P30drone is 128GB. Before use, ensure that the micro SD card is functioningproperly. Additionally, the format of the micro SD card may impact photo andvideo operations.

For your issue, you can check if the following suggestions areeffective:

1.Firstly, format your micro SD card, preferably in FAT32. Hopefully thefollowing video will help you format your SD card.
2.If your computer doesn't have the FAT32 option, enter the application andclick on the micro SD card icon to format the micro SD card. Refer to thisimage:
3.Ensure that the micro SD card is inserted before powering on.
4.Try replacing it with another micro SD card.

Can it be used with VR goggles?

VRgoggles are compatible with the P30 drone. However, our app of P30 drone doesnot have this VR functionality. Therefore, our P30 drone cannot be used withVR goggles.

How to to obtain flight logs?

1.Pleaseopen the APP----click Tutorial Guide (the icon in the lower leftcorner)----click the Help manual icon----click on the current page for morethan 5 times after entering, and then you can see the flight log record.Please download the newest flight log and send it to us.

2.please try to open the app and tap Start to enter the app interface. Andthen please refer to the below pictures to download the newest flight log andthen send it to us for further checking.

Why did the drone crash into a wall/ fall down?

TheP30 drone does not have an automatic obstacle avoidance feature. Please keepa safe distance from obstacles during flight.Would you please confirm thefollowing information to help us investigate the issue?

1. Whether the drone is within the control range when the drone hit abuilding?
2. May I inquire about the takeoff conditions and weather? Is thevisibility good, and are there no strong winds?
3. Before flying, may I ask if calibration has been performed to ensure a strongGPS signal?
4. Before the loss of control, have any buttons been operated? If so, werethe operations conducted within the safe visible range?
5.Please follow the steps below to get the flight log and send it tous.

How to download flight log:
Go to the app - tap Tutorial Guide (the icon in the lower left corner) -tap the Help manual icon - tap the current page for more than 5 times andthen you can find the flight log. 

How to change the altitude height to feet?

Thereis a setting to select the units in feet. Please open the app and tapStart to enter the app interface. And then please refer to the below picturesto set up it.

We hope it is helpful to you.

However, we are regret  that we areunable to change the default setting on the remote to English/feet.

What should I do if my iPhone 14 cannot connect to the app while other phones can?

Couldyou please try the following troubleshooting guides to see if theywork?

1. Uninstall the app and reinstall. When reinstalling, agree to allpermissions required by the app.
2. Please make sure you have enabled the permissions required by this appon your phone. You can go to settings and find the Snaptain Fly app to openall permissions. Please refer to the picture:
3. After turning the drone on, please turn on your phone's Wi-Fi and startsearching for Wi-Fi.
4. After finding the drone Wi-Fi, please first click Connect on your phone,otherwise the app will connect to the device that has been connected bydefault. And please turn off the cellular data and Bluetooth.
5. Try to connect in a non-interference environment, such as outsidewithout high-voltage cables or electronic equipment.

Does the drone make any noise during flight?

Due to the operation of motors and propellers during flight, the P30 droneproduces sound while airborne. However, it's important to note that there isno sound during audio recording while the drone is in flight.

How to connect the APP?

Pleaserefer to the following tips to connect the drone to your phone through theapp.

1. Download and install the Snaptain Fly app of the drone into your mobiledevice from App Store/ Google Play or by scanning the QR codes in the user manual.Please agree all permissions the app needs so that the app could workfine.
2. Turn on the drone firstly. Turn off the phone's mobile data andBluetooth. And then turn on the Wi-Fi of your phone.
3. Connect the Wi-Fi of the drone name. (When the phone reminds you thatthe Wi-Fi of the drone has no internet access, please select"connect".(The function of the Wi-Fi is to transmitter the imagefrom the drone to the phone. It's normal that the Wi-Fi of the drone has noaccess to the internet.)
4. Open Snaptain Fly and follow the in-app instructions to enter the maininterface. And the image of the camera will show on the phone.

Besides, here are 2 videos on how to set up the drone:

What should I do if the propellers keep rotating after a successful landing?

After a successful landing, please continue to pull down the left controlstick on the remote controller and hold for a few minutes until all theblades come to a complete stop.
And there is a setup video for P30,

Can I use a 4G smartphone?

In therealm of mobile phones, "4G" and "5G" refer to the fourthand fifth generations of mobile technology. However, in Wi-Fi, the"2.4G" and "5G" numbers denote different radio frequencybands for wireless communication. "2.4G" represents the 2.4GHzfrequency band, and "5G" represents the 5GHz frequency band(approximately 5.1 to 5.8 GHz, with some variations depending on thecountry/region and regulatory authorities). Please check the wirelesstechnology specifications in your phone. If it indicates "5G", yourphone definitely supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi. If it states "4G", you need to confirm whether the phone supports the wirelesscommunication protocol IEEE 802.11ac.

As the P30 is a GPS drone, it uses 5GHz Wi-Fi transmission. In this case,if your phone's Wi-Fi frequency band supports 802.11ac, your phone will workseamlessly with the P30 drone, and you can find the drone's Wi-Fi on yourphone.

How do I turn off GPS mode/switch to ATTI mode?

Youcan turn off GPS mode by switching the drone to ATTI mode. Please refer tothe below steps.

1. The P30 drone is a GPS drone and set to GPS mode by default. 
2. Restart the drone first, and then switch on the remote control. Then,please patiently wait for the drone and the remote controller toautomatically pair successfully.
3. Pressing and holding the "Speed" button (refer to the picture: SDy7NZioW) on the remote for 3 seconds before thedrone takes off (this is not available during flight). All GPS-requiredfunctions will be disabled when ATTI mode is selected.
4. In ATTI Mode: The front LED indicator turns solid blue and the rear LEDindicator flashes blue twice per second.

Besides, here is a video showing how to enter ATTI mode for yourreference:

It is best to use ATTI mode for flying the drone indoors in a spaciousenvironment with no wind and non-reflective surfaces.

However, we do not recommend flying the drone in ATTI mode. In ATTI mode,the drone cannot hover and is susceptible to drifting with the wind, whichcan easily lead to loss of control and the drone flying away. 

How do I adjust the camera angle? Can it be adjusted manually?

Wedon't suggest that you adjust the angle of the camera manually, which willcause it to work abnormally.

There are 2 ways to adjust the angle of the camera:
1.After the drone and the remote controller to automatically pair successfully,simply scroll the button "Camera Up/Down "on the remote control.Please refer to the picture:
2.After connect the drone to the app, click lens angle.
Please refer to the picture,
Also, here is a video on how to adjust it on remote,

What should I do if the remote controller cannot pair with the drone?

Normally,the pairing between the drone and the remote controller should be completedautomatically within 10 seconds. If it takes longer than this time, pleaserestart both the drone and the remote controller.

Afterward, please try the following steps:

1.Ensure that both the drone and the remote controller have sufficientbattery.
2.Restart the drone first, then turn on the remote controller.
3.Refer to the image in the provided link for pairing:
4.Reduce the distance between the remote controller and the drone to within1 meter.

What should I do if the drone cannot take-off?

The P30 is a GPS drone set to default GPS mode. To begin, power on thedrone, connect it to the remote controller, and place it in an open area,ensuring there are no signal obstructions around. Wait for approximately oneminute until the drone's GPS signal acquisition is normal. Simultaneouslypush the left control stick to the lower right corner and the right controlstick to the lower left corner to unlock the motor. Propellers of the dronewill begin to rotate.

Next, push the left joystick forward to see if the drone can take off. Hereis a picture for your reference:

Besides, here is a video on how to set up the drone for yourreference:

If the above steps are unhelpful, could you please send us a video of youroperation showing the issue? It would greatly help us in identifying thereason and finding a corresponding solution for you soon.

How to reset the drone?

Youmust put the drone on a level surface when resetting; otherwise, the drone'sattitude may be affected. Simultaneously push the left control stick to thelower left corner and the right control stick to the upper right corner to dothe reset. Please refer to the picture:

When the LED indicators on the drone flash blue quickly and then flash blueslowly, the reset is completed successfully.

What should I do if the propellers of the drone are not rotating?

1.Disassemble the propeller and reinstall or install the included spare parts.It is likely that the propeller is either installed too tightly or tooloosely.
2. Shut down the drone, and then turn the blade manually to see if it runssmoothly.
Also, please check if there are any foreign objects obstructing the motorsor propellers.

The safety precautions for operating the P30 drone.

1.Beforeflying, pay attention to observing the surrounding environment and take offin an open area with minimal obstacles in your line of sight. 

2.Prior to flight, ensure favorable outdoor weather conditions with atemperature between 0 to 40 degrees Celsius and no rain, snow, or strongwinds (wind speed below level 3).

3.Fly within the effective control range (within 500 meters) andconsistently monitor the signals of the remote controller and the dronedisplayed on the app.

4.During the flight, pay attention to the battery levels of both the droneand the remote controller. Return promptly when the battery is low.

5.Once the auto return is triggered, refrain from any other operationsuntil the drone is visually confirmed.

6.One-key landing and emergency landing should only be executed when safetyis assured within the visible range.

7.If the drone is accidentally lost, use the "Find My Drone"function in the mobile app. Check the drone's flight trajectory to obtain thefinal GPS location and search for the drone along the GPS path.

Do I need to be on a wifi network when using the camera?

Yes. All SimpliSafe cameras require WiFi for set up and use. Our cameras are designed to work with 2.4 GHz WiFi networks in order to provide wider coverage and penetrate walls. All WiFi networks support 2.4 GHz. Being on WiFi allows you to connect cameras to your system, stream live video, view and download recordings*; access the SimpliSafe app and control your system from anywhere; enable Video Verification*, arm your system using Google Assistant or Alexa* and retrieve and download necessary firmware updates for your system and devices. *with select monitoring plans.