Fun Things You can Do at Home During The COVID-19 Lockdown

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Fun Things You can Do at Home During The COVID-19 Lockdown

COVID-19 has caused the world more havoc than anyone could have thought. What started as a simple respiratory infection turned out to be the major cause for what the world is today. Governments of the world have employed different strategies to curb the spread of the virus.

“Stay home, stay safe” is the new anthem everybody is singing now. You hear it in the news, see it on social media. The truth is, staying at home is the only way we can actually stop the spread of the virus.

However, everyone gets tired of staying at home after a while. As time goes on, you get bored, and you just need a fun activity to spend your time. From singing karaoke to flying Snaptain drones to cooking your favorite meal, there are lots of ways to have fun at home and stay safe during the quarantine period.


Physical activity is good for your health. It is important that you spend your lockdown time to keep fit. Staring at screens all day might seem comfortable, but that kind of sedentary lifestyle can result in a few health problems. Right there in your home, there are lots of fun exercises you can do every day to kill boredom and also to maintain proper fitness. Pushups, abdominal crunches, yoga, Bent-over-Row are few among the many exercises you can do with your family every day.



Think about, isn't now the best time to catch up on your favorite TV shows? Rather than spending your day going through memes on social media, you can as well spend quality time with your family watching family drama shows, you all love. You can also have fun watching interesting documentaries with your kids and other housemates. It's a fun way to kill boredom, and also bond with your loved ones.


This is another fun activity you want to try out during this lockdown period. It doesn’t cost you too much stress but is guaranteed to give you a lot of fun.  Whenever everyone is bored at your house, karaoke is a great way to instantly lighten up the mood. Even if you don’t have the machine, you can sing along to your favorite song while reading the lyrics on your phone. It's a good way to improvise, plus you will still get as much fun as you would with a machine.


How often do you get enough free time to play as many games as you want? The most likely answer would be not as often, right? Well, as it now, you have the time you always wanted. If you love video games, lucky for you, you can now sit with your Xbox or PlayStation to play as many games as you want. Maybe you are the type that loves to play outdoor games - you can consider flying mini drones with your kids. The Snaptain H823H drone is an excellent kids drone that is fun to fly with your kids and the entire family.

Snaptain H823H


Remember that food recipe you found online that you always wanted to cook. Or that restaurant meal you have been looking forward to making yourself. With the lockdown now, you should make plans to prepare those meals. Go back to those recipes and please yourself with that delicacy you always hoped to prepare. Whether it turns out well or not, you would at least know you tried and made the most of the time doing something new.


Although this might not sound like fun to some people, reading a good book is actually a fun way to spend your time. There are a lot of awesome novels out there that would keep you engaged longer than you can imagine. Just go online and search for some popular novels, read the reviews, and spare some time to read. You would be surprised how much time you would end up putting to it.

 reading books


Your time at home during this lockdown doesn't have to be a boring one. You can spice up your day with different fun activities. So that at the end when things get back to normal and the lockdown is over, you would know that you spent your time well, having fun at home with your family. Remember, “STAY HOME, STAY SAFE, STAY HAPPY”.

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