How Does Your Kid Benefit from Playing with High-tech Toys?

April 29, 2020 6 min read

How Does Your Kid Benefit from Playing with High-tech Toys?

Would your child become a “tech savvy” if you introduce them to Hi-tech toys at an early age? Not necessarily, but you will definitely take their curiosity and imagination to a whole different level.

Unlike common toys, Hi-tech toys like mini drones for kids are more exciting and come with more advanced features, and thus will capture the kid’s attention easily and keep their adrenaline rushing. In this article, we are going to take a look at the major benefits of Hi-tech toys to children, as well as review two mini drones for kids.


The Major Benefits of Hi-tech Toys to Children

Hi-tech toys enhance kids’ creativity and imagination

Kids are very imaginative, which explains why they are so inquisitive. But, for most of the time, their imaginations might be restricted by things they are exposed to, including the toys they are playing with. However, once you bring Hi-tech toys in the equation, you will be surprised that they are actually more capable of developing critical thinking than you can ever imagine.

Again, it’s from using such toys that they will want to create something similar, or take the toy apart and try re-assemble it.


Hi-tech toys encourage learning

Hi-tech toys motivate kids to comprehend different functions of them, and be able to manipulate them. As such, their level of concentration, the ability of memory, and general coordination between the mind, eyes, and hands improve significantly. Again, most of these toys can do quite a lot. Hence, kids will take time to learn and discover all these functionalities, and that’s how they learn.


Hi-tech toys aid in relationship building and socialization

Mostly, kids tend to hang out in groups, whether it’d be their friends or siblings. And with the hi-tech toys, they would share and communicate more than otherwise. This is simply because of the fact that Hi-tech toys provide more aspects that kids would want to discuss and share with their social partners, compared to ordinary toys such as dolls.

By doing this, kids build strong relationships with others and develop the ability to socialize.


High-tech toys encourage independence and empowerment

While playing with a Hi-tech, they might come to you with one or two questions every now and then, but, most of the time they will try to figure everything out by themselves.

More importantly, kids are curious, and they don’t stop until they find an answer. And, once they learn to manipulate a hi-tech toy by themselves, this will give them a sense of independence and make them feel empowered to do even more.

As such, with time, you might notice that they have fewer questions than they did before, and they start to come to tell you what they found, some of which might even be beyond your imagination.


High-tech toys help kids improve perseverance  and  problem-solving skills

Learning to play with hi-tech toys might require some patience, and kids would probably fail a few times before they eventually succeed. As such, their perseverance will be put to the test, and when they get it right, they will have learned a thing or two about problem-solving.


Why should kids choose drones/Snaptain drones as their Hi-tech toys?

Unlike some Hi-tech toys that may need kids to be seated while playing, a drone can keep kids active and kids won’t stop running till the batteries run low.

Besides, engagement or coordination is not just between the eyes and hands. It takes literally the whole body, especially because of the excitement and anticipation that comes with drone flying. And, the activeness goes even a notch higher when two kids are competing with each other.

Again, drones are pretty affordable compared to some other hi-tech toys and they hardly require any maintenance. They also do not require large storage spaces, especially the mini ones, and both younger and older kids enjoy flying them together because kids don’t outgrow drones quickly.

The Snaptain drones for kids reviewed below are designed with kids’ entertainment and educational needs in mind. They are also durable and come at a pocket-friendly price.


Best Portable Kids Drone – Mini Drones for kids

 Snaptain SP300 Mini Drone

Snaptain SP300 Mini Drone

Key specs:

  • Hand-operated RC quadcopter
  • 50 meters control range
  • Three control remotes(standard mini remote, G-sensor watch remote and water-drop-shaped remote)
  • One Key Take off/Land/Return (standard mini remote only)
  • Light show with bright LED strips
  • Comes with two rechargeable and detachable batteries and two USB chargers
  • 3D flips
  • Three-level speed adjustment

There is so much to love about the Snaptain SP300 Mini Drone for kids.


First, SP300 is super easy to use as it features a One Key Take off/Land/Return function, making it ideal for both kids and beginners.

Second, it comes with three control remotes. There is a mini remote for tiny hands, a water-drop-shaped remote, and a cool G-sensor watch remote (hand gesture controller).

Third, the Snaptain SP300 Mini Drone has infrared obstacle sensors to ensure stops the drone when sensing the obstacle ahead.

Lastly, the SP300 mini drone has three-speed levels. You can choose high speed, medium, or low according to your needs. This means even a beginner will have an easy time learning how to fly a drone.

Battery and flight time

The SP300 mini drone comes with two rechargeable drone batteries. Each charge provides 16 minutes of flight time. Also included are two USB chargers to ensure that you won’t struggle with recharging.

For the control remotes, the mini one uses 2 AAA batteries(not included). The water-drop-shape one comes with a battery, but it’s not rechargeable nor changeable. On the other hand, the watch remote comes with a USB cable for recharging.

The cool features/functions

With the G-sensor watch remote you can do the cool 3D flips and high-speed rotations. The entire drone also lights up brightly. The lighting can either be blinking blue or solid blue depending on the mode.


  • Easy to use kids drone
  • Has a low battery warning (flashing)
  • Has three variable speed levels (high, medium, and low)
  • One button take-off/landing function
  • Features an infrared obstacle avoidance
  • Has really interesting features such as the high-speed rotation and 3D flip function
  • Comes with three remote controls (a mini remote, water-drop-shaped remote, and the G-sensor watch remote)
  • Well-shielded propellers


  • The water-drop shaped remote does not come with a battery

Verdict: The Snaptain SP300 Mini Drone for kids is totally worth your money and your kid will love it. The manufacturer recommended age is 14 + years, but even younger kids can control it with ease. If you are looking for a portable drone for kids beginner, this is it.


 Snaptain H823H Plus Portable Mini Drone 

Snaptain H823H Mini Drone

Key Specs:

  • 21 minutes flight time, 7 minutes for each battery
  • Comes with 3 rechargeable and removable LiPo batteries
  • Comes with 2 USB chargers and you can charge two batteries in one go
  • One Key Take off/Land/Return
  • 360º rotation and 3D flip
  • Altitude hold
  • The headless mode that orients it from your perspective thus avoiding any direction chaos
  • 3 variable speed levels (high, medium, and low)

The Snaptain H823H plus Portable Mini Drone for Kids has some great features that make it easy to control and also durable.


Let’s start with the headless mode feature. With headless mode, the question of direction is taken care of, and the drone orients it from your perspective thus avoiding the common direction issues.

Second, there is the altitude hold feature that makes your drone hover at a particular height after releasing the throttle stick. This makes it easy to operate while adding to the fun.

Third, the one key start, landing, and returning feature makes it easy for even a newbie to control. It is less likely to lose or accidentally land the drone when using just one key because it’s easier to master.

Fourth, it features three-speed mode, where you have the option to either fly at low speed, medium speed, or high speed. This makes it ideal for beginners, intermediates, and pros.

Lastly, this mini drone features cool ultra-bright LED lights which gives you a splendid light show at night.

Battery and flight time

Unlike the Snaptain SP300 that comes with two drone batteries, the Snaptain H823H Mini Drone comes with three re-chargeable and removable drone batteries that give you a total of 21 minutes of flight time.

Cool features/stunts

Kids will love the 360° rotation and 3D flips. It’s also in a pocket-size and kids can take it with them wherever they like.


  • Easy to control even for beginners
  • Sturdily constructed
  • Perfect for indoor flying
  • Features a complete-cover outer case
  • Portable size that easily fits in your pocket
  • Produces ultra-bright LED light for visibility


  • The remote needs 3 AAA batteries which are not included

Verdict: This is a great gift drone for kids since it’s in mini size and also very light-weighted. It’s well-constructed for durability and safety, and also super easy to control.


Final Words

It’s never too early or too late to introduce kids to Hi-tech toys, as long as you get them age-appropriate toys.

Hi-tech toys such as the Snaptain drones  reviewed above will not only keep children active, but also help with their intellectual development in terms of creativity, imagination, and memory. These drones will also help them become better at building relationships, where they will become even more socialized. And, as mentioned above, once they learn to control them by themselves, they will gain a sense of independence, which they will extend to other activities in life.

Snaptain Kids Drone

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