Top 5 Reasons Why Children Should Learn To Fly Drones

May 04, 2020 6 min read

Top 5 Reasons Why Children Should Learn To Fly Drones

With Snaptain’s range of camera drones for beginners, you and your children can explore a whole new world together!


Top 5 Reasons Why Children Should Learn To Fly Drones

1) Bring the fun back outdoors

Children love to play, explore and have fun, and they should be allowed to. But if mobile games keep children indoors for too much time, it’s somehow a worrisome signal. With drones, parents can bring the fun back outdoors, and children still get to play with technology – it is the best of both worlds.

2) New skills for the future

Drones are becoming more common in schools, colleges, and industries. Besides technical knowledge, children can develop practical skills such as creativity, problem-solving skills and critical thinking with drones. These skills are in such high demand in the 21st century. Children should be prepared from a young age to take on the fast-paced world.

3) A new perspective

Flying a drone itself is a memorable experience. A drone with a built-in camera will open up a whole new adventure. With camera drones, both parents and children can explore this exciting new world from the safety of the ground and the comfort of their home.

4) Easy for both parents and children to learn

Flying a drone is both easier and safer than riding a bicycle. Even without an engineering background, it will not take long for parents to fly confidently. And if it is easy enough for parents, children will naturally pick up even faster and be flying higher than their parents.

5) Quality bonding time

It is never too early nor too late for parents to engage in activities with their children. Even as children grow up, they still need their parents to help them navigate the world. So what better way for both parents and children to bond? Learning to fly drones together will create great memories for everyone.


Introducing Two of Snaptain Feature-packed Drones

Snaptain is one of the leading companies that produce quality drones.

Here are two models that have been specially tailored with beginners and children in mind.

Snaptain SP660 720P HD Camera FPV RC Quadcopter Drone

Snaptain SP500 1080P HD Camera Foldable GPS FPV Beginner Drone


With high consumer ratings of 91% on Amazon, it is clear SNAPTAIN has thought about everything. Both drones come packed with amazing features for a very affordable price.

In each package, the drones come with everything you need. All the batteries for the drone and controller are rechargeable with separate charging cables. You can save loads of charging time and you need not buy any spares. SNAPTAIN also includes extra parts for minor repairs.

The drone controller is designed to be functional and ergonomic. All functions are clearly labelled. You only have to press one button to take off and land. Foldable handles make it more comfortable when flying for a long time. Another extendable arm with an adjustable hinge securely holds your smartphone.

With the Wi-Fi connection, you can have first-person views (FPV) on your smartphone. You can easily download the SNAPTAIN Era app to control the drone with or without the controller.

Snaptain drones come equipped with a camera for high-quality stills and videos that will be saved directly to your smartphone. The drones also have a microSD card slot for more storage.

There are altitude hold and gesture control features in SNAPTAIN’s drones. You can set the drone at a specific height and motion to the camera to take still shots and record videos.

The headless mode in both drones makes flying even easier. When activated, the drone can fly in any direction regardless of where the front is facing.

Snaptain SP660

Snaptain SP660 720 HD Camera FPV RC Quadcopter Drone

The first thing that will grab your attention is the colourful, stylish design. The red front propellers are for easy orientation. Bright red and green LED lights make flying in the dark possible.

The built-in camera can shoot stills and record clear videos of up to 720p. At only 1.85 ounces, the SP600 is lightweight and easy to carry around.

The SP660 can do 360-degree flips with just one button. It is a fun trick that you can perform to impress anyone.

With the two batteries that come with the drone, the SP660 can fly for up to 40 minutes on a single charge. The SP660 comes with 3 flight settings to choose from, with the slowest speed is default at start-up.

You can even fly the SP660 with voice control. Six easy voice commands can make the drone take off, land, fly forwards, backwards, to the left, and to the right.

With the trajectory flight mode, you can draw a route on the SNAPTAIN Era app and the SP660 will fly following the path you designed according to your creativity.

If you have VR glasses, you can use them to take your flight experience to the next level.

Snaptain SP500

Snaptain SP500 1080P HD Camera Foldable GPS FPV Beginner Drone

SNAPTAIN’s SP500 model has features which are a step up higher. For starters, the 110-degree camera lens is a super wide angle and is adjustable up to 40 degrees. It can also record higher quality 1080p HD videos.

The built-in GPS gives the SP500 many exciting functions. First, it helps keep the drone steady while flying even in windy conditions. Second, the SP500 has a return-to-home function. At one press of a button or at low battery levels, the drone can fly back to its original take-off point. Third, with the point-of-interest mode, the SP500 will orbit around any point you choose on the map at your desired height and radius for 360-degree views. The fourth function is ‘tap-fly’, where you can draw a flight path by choosing and joining multiple points on the map. Finally, you can set up an ‘electric fence’ on the map to set boundaries for the drone’s flight.

The SP500 comes with a ‘follow me’ mode. When activated, the camera on the drone will follow your movement wherever you go.

The build is solid and though slightly heavier than the SP660, it is still light and the SP500 has foldable propellers so you can easily bring it anywhere. The box it comes in can also double up as a carrying case.

You can explore even higher and further with the SP500 as the maximum distance is 220 metres. On a single charge, both batteries give the SP500 a total flight time of 30 minutes which is long enough for a great adventure.

Instead of colourful propellers, front LED headlights help you keep the orientation right on the SP550.

The SP500 comes with two speed settings rather than three. The slower default setting is ideal for beginners. Experts can have more fun with the high speed setting.

Snaptain Drones

Top 6 Reasons Snaptain Drones Are Ideal For Children

1) Easy to learn for all ages

The first reaction everyone has in common is how easy it is to fly the drones on their first try. Many can master the controls within 5 minutes. Even though SNAPTAIN recommends the drones for children aged 14 years and up, parents have bought them for their children as young as 7 years. As long as parents supervise them, children will have no problem in handling the drones.

2) Durable build

SNAPTAIN’s drones are made from high-quality ABS, giving high impact resistance and minimal damage. The drones come with detachable propeller guards which are great for beginners. As SNAPTAIN has also included spares with each drone, you can easily make simple repairs without having to purchase more parts.

3) Long battery life

You and your child can enjoy long flights, thanks to the two batteries included for each drone. It gives an adequate amount of playtime for your child. When the batteries are recharged, your child would have finished their homework and they can fly their SNAPTAIN drone again as a fun reward.

4) Beginner modes

Operating SNAPTAIN’s drones is as easy as the push of a button. The default flight speed in SNAPTAIN’s drones is the slowest setting which you can use when your child is just learning to fly. When they get the hang of it, they can progress to higher speeds.

5) Colourful and lightweight design

You can choose from SNAPTAIN’s drones with creative designs, brightly coloured propeller blades or LED lights to grab your child’s attention. SNAPTAIN’s drones are lightweight for children to hold and carry. Models with foldable propellers can even fit into any bag. The controllers for SNAPTAIN’s drones are light and ergonomic to fit easily into your child’s hands.

6) Suitable for many activities

SNAPTAIN’s drones are packed with features. These can be used for a whole range of activities anywhere. With the aerial views, there are so many angles and perspectives to choose from. It gives your child the freedom to be creative and to capture great memories.

Ready to fly?

With Snaptain's SP660 and SP500 beginner-friendly camera drones, your child will be masters of the sky in no time. Now is the perfect time to give your child wings. It might just be the first step to make their high-flying dreams come true.

Snaptain drones

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