How GPS Makes Your Drone Flying Experience More Fun

May 15, 2020 3 min read 2 Comments

How GPS Makes Your Drone Flying Experience More Fun

Dronesare gradually turning into a mainstream technology with both commercial and consumer applications. From industrial drones that make site inspections much more convenient to beginner drones that tech enthusiasts love to fly, drones have become a versatile tool for content creation, inspection work, and entertainment.

If you are in the market for a drone, then apart from other features, ensure the drone you're looking to buy is equipped with GPS. Global Positioning System or GPS is a technology that's now become an integral part of many consumer electronics, especially digital devices like smartphones and tablets. It also makes drones much more functional and convenient to use.

Beginner Drone Snaptain SP500 Uses GPS Connectivity for Multiple Features

Although many beginner drones come with GPS, Snaptain SP500 does it exceptionally well. It's a great entry level variant for tech nerds who are looking to experiment and parents who want their kids to have fun with toy drones. Here's how SP500 has made GPS an invaluable addition:

1. Safer Flight with More Control

Anyone who has ever attempted to fly a drone knows how difficult it is to keep it stable in the air. One of the most crucial advantages of having GPS on Snaptain SP500 is how it enables hovering stability. This doesn't only provide the drone pilot with more control over the flying machine but they can also take high quality photos. Stability also ensures a safe flight preventing any accidents or damage to the drone itself which can be quite costly.

2. Never Lose Your Drone with Auto Return

With GPS technology, your drone is always aware of its exact location relative to the flight initiation spot. That means it can return safely on its own in the event of battery runout or signal loss. You won't need to search for your flying companion if something doesn't go according to the plan. Or when you just want it to return, you can do so with ease without having to pilot it all the way back.

3. Specify Circular Flying Path

GPS on Snaptain SP500 also enables pilots to let their drones fly along a predefined path or orbit around a spot of your choice. All the user needs to do is specify a point and set a desired radius and hover height to get their drone going. It will fly in smooth motion capturing all the beautiful imagery right from the top just like you want it.

4.Tap Flying

Using Snaptain Nova, pilot can set different points on the map defining the path for their drone to follow. This allows them to fly the drone along a specified path automatically without having to go through any hassle while capturing great images and videos during the flight.

Snaptain SP500 is a beginner drone that costs under $200 and still shows the way in terms of how GPS can be used to introduce features that make drone flying much more fun and convenient.

How GPS on Your Drone Keeps You Safe

Drones equipped with GPS connectivity help pilots avoid their flights into places where flying drones would be undesirable for a multitude of reasons. For instance, there are high end drones that come with Safe Flight technology that enables pilots to specify areas on the map they want their drones to avoid. Similarly, there have been recent updates to high-end drones using GPS technology that keep them from flying close to restricted airspace like airports and military settlements.

This helps pilots avoid illegal flying by preventing trespassing and keep their flights hazard-free for themselves as well as their flying companions.

Final Word

If you are looking to buy a drone, it needs to be a smart decision. You would need to take your objective into consideration so you get a product that meets all of your requirements without making any compromises. Carry out your research, learn about different features and how they can help, and make an informed decision. Whatever you do, ensure your drone is equipped with latest GPS technology as it brings a variety of convenience features that simply can’t ignore.

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