Snaptain S5C is Probably the Best Beginner Drone in $100 Market

July 27, 2020 3 min read 4 Comments

Snaptain S5C is Probably the Best Beginner Drone in $100 Market

Snaptain S5C - The Best Drone Under $100

Professional high-tech drones are not always accessible to everyone, as they often cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. But do you know that you can find many drones with quite similar features that cost less than $100? Snaptain S5C is one of them, and this budget gadget will become your best travel partner.


Snaptain S5C is the leader of the beginner drone market. This product, with all the cool features like HD camera, LED lights, and futuristic design, is perfect both for amateurs and professional drone pilots. And the best thing about this gadget is its price, which is around $70!



The unique design is the first thing you will notice. Cool LED lights combined with the all-black color scheme make this Snaptain drone look amazing. So now you can enjoy showing off to your friends.


Snaptain used lightweight plastic in S5C production. For this reason, the drone is highly portable, as it weighs less than 150 g. So traveling around with this device is a great pleasure. However, due to S5C's small weight, you should not use it in windy conditions, as the risk of losing control is quite high.


Another S5C's design feature beginners will like is the presence of propeller guards. These anti-collision barriers ensure safer flying, minimizing the possible damage.


The only aspect of Snaptain S5C that not everyone likes is its remote control. It looks quite generic, resembling a controller for video games. Still, the remote control is ergonomic, so you can easily reach all the controls. Moreover, it has a holder for your smartphone, which allows you to live-stream your video using your phone.


You can use the Android or iOS Snaptain S5C app to access several advanced features of your device - like intelligent flight mode, FPV, or gesture and voice control.

Snaptain S5C

Snaptain HD Camera

The 720P HD camera with FPV is one of the greatest features of S5C. Most budget drones do not have any camera, or its quality is far from satisfactory.


Snaptain S5C is the best beginner drone that comes with a quality camera allowing for live-streaming the video footage straight to your phone. Moreover, you can edit your video or images and share them with your friends and family through your social media accounts.


Altitude Hold

Altitude hold is the most significant feature for beginners. The 6-axis gyroscope of this Snaptain model keeps the S5C steady when hovering. This feature will make it easier to control your drone and take high-quality pictures. Also, it improves the quality of your video, making S5C suitable for any purpose.


Gesture and Voice Control

This drone comes with gesture and voice control technology, which makes Snaptain S5C even better, especially when taking into account its price.


The gesture control feature allows you to use the gestures of your hands to take quick photos. The voice control is the coolest feature of S5C, but you need the Snaptain app to use this function.


Other Features

  • Gravity Sensor- The built-in gravity sensor allows you to control your Snaptain S5C by moving your phone around at different angles.
  • VR Headsets - This drone is also compatible with 3D VR headsets, so it can give even more immersive flying experience. However, it will be better to check what types of Virtual Reality headsets are compatible with your drone.
  • Headless mode - This feature is great for beginners, as you do not have to differentiate between the drone's tail and head.
  • Wi-Fi warning system - This system warns you of possible location or connection loss in areas where the signal becomes too weak. You should call back your drone if the signal drops to one bar.
  • Flight Time - The flight time of the S5C drone is around fifteen minutes, so it is one of the most long-lasting drones of this price range. However, it is always good to have a few extra batteries to fully enjoy your drone.
  • Intelligent Flight Mode - S5C comes with a built-in intelligent flight mode called Trajectory, which is amazing for the drone that costs less than $100. Your Snaptain S5C can automatically fly through the path you draw on your smartphone.

 Snaptain S5C


You can find numerous fantastic drones for beginners, but Snaptain S5C is something special. This drone will impress you with its unique features, especially gesture and voice control and intelligent flight mode.


The high-quality camera of S5C is perfect both for taking beautiful photos and shooting impressive videos. And its gravity sensor and altitude hold features make it easier to control your drone.


All in all, Snaptain S5C is an excellent choice both for beginners and experts. People of all ages will have fun using it, and it will be a great gift for any occasion!

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Mike Bishop
Mike Bishop

August 07, 2020

It was great for the first 7 minutes until it stopped responding to my controls and flew away in a hurry to destination unknown. It was about 35-40 feet away, fresh Duracell batteries in the controller, no wind and it stopped responding to all commands including the emergency kill button.


August 03, 2020

Nice drone


August 03, 2020



August 03, 2020


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