Why Are the SP650 and SP500 the Best Entry-level Drones?

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Why Are the SP650 and SP500 the Best Entry-level Drones?

The Best Beginner Drones, Meet the Snaptain SP500 and SP650

There are two different categories of drones. The beginner drone and the advanced drone. The price and quality gap between both categories is large.

Beginner drones are typically around $100 and advanced models start at 500$ dollars. Qualitywise, beginner drones lack a high-quality camera and the battery is usually drained in just ten minutes. The Snaptain SP650 and SP500 break with this concept. Both drones are equipped with a high-quality 1080P FHD Camera. A rare feature for drones in the beginner price range. Likewise, the Snaptain SP650 and SP500 drones can fly about 30 consecutive minutes because of the two modular battery system. In fact, both drones remained in the beginner price range while possessing several features you would normally only find on advanced models. Time to discover how both models distinguish themselves from the conventional beginner models.


The SP500: Foldable GPS Drone, 1080P HD Camera, and Gesture Control

The Snaptain SP500 is designed to excel in taking pictures and recording videos. The 1080P HD camera has an adjustable 110 degrees wide-angle, to capture high-definition videos and sharp aerial images. Smooth real-time images are visible up to 800ft away with the 5G transmission. Make impressive pictures and videos of yourself and your loved ones with gesture control. Put your control pad aside for a moment, and be free to make images of every pose you can imagine, or create funny action videos. It is up to you. You can even insert your desired hover height and radius for perfect automated circles. Yes, you will definitely feel like a Hollywood director making videos while circling around the object or scene of your choice. The "Follow Me" and "Draw a Route" modes on the Snaptain app give you even more versatile options to play with.


Although equipped with several advanced camera features, the Snaptain SP500 is easy to control for beginners. One push on a button, with the GPS auto return option, is enough to get your drone back to your position. A very handy feature when your battery is low or when you lost sight of your drone. Keep your flight even saver by setting the maximum flight distance. This foldable GPS drone knows exactly where it is and will not leave the maximum distance you set. The powerful GPS, together with the altitude hold system, keep the drone super stable to capture the sharpest images without any trouble. Double the fun with the 2 modular batteries for a flight time of an impressive 30 minutes in total.

 Snaptain SP500


Make a 360 Degree Flip Like a Pro with the SP650

The more playful Snaptain SP650 "kids drone" is a popular choice among children because of the aerobatic options. Feel like a stunt pilot. Start with a circle fly, quickly change into a high-speed rotation, and finish the stunt flight with a 360 flip. Another entertaining way of flying is to draw a flight course on your phone. Watch your Snaptain SP650 perform your flight course with speed and precision. Getting bored with the conventional controls? Assume command of the SP650 in an unconventional way with voice control or gesture control. A unique feature you can only find in Snaptain drones.


The versatility of the Snaptain SP650 is nothing short of impressive. Besides its acrobatic abilities, you can still capture high-definition pictures and videos. Keep your precious memories with the 1080P HD camera. Making pictures with your drone from a bird-eye perspective opens up a whole new world of possibilities. The aerial pictures and videos you make are bright and clear from a beautiful helicopter view of the places you visited. The voice and gesture control options make it easy to create all kinds of images from yourself, family, and friends. The two modular batteries give you plenty of time (30 minutes) for a lively and beautiful photoshoot.

Snaptain 650

Snaptain Learn and Play

Snaptain's continuous improvement philosophy has created top-quality drones for kids, youngsters, and families. Drones give a new perspective on the world as we know it. Children will learn a lot while playing with their new Snaptain drones. The control panels and tablets we make are specifically developed for children, including adorable looks. Our beginner models are easy to control and have several safety features to protect against damage or losing your drone. We believe outdoor play is a great way to spend interactive quality-time with the family. You and your kids will surely love to have fun with our drones. Our affordable, high-quality, and child-friendly drones have not gone unnoticed. Every day we receive positive feedback from clients all around the globe. We have already reached the top rank on Amazon for our excellent products and service. Join us today and start a thrilling new adventure.


Contact and Order

Acquiring the Snaptain SP500, SP650, or our other models is easy. You can order them in our online shop. If you any questions for our service team, please send a contact form to us and will come back to you as soon as possible.

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