SP350, the Magic of Flying in the Palm of Your Hand

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SP350, the Magic of Flying in the Palm of Your Hand

What is theSnaptain SP350?

The Snaptain SP350 is an amazing little machine and the perfect start for your kids to experience the fascination of flying. Specially developed for children, this mini drone is easily handled in the air and has all the safety features for a safe experience. You don't need to become a professional first before you learn how to make cool maneuvers. Several tricks are easy to perform and the stability of this toy is surprisingly good for such a small drone. Your kids will love this little machine with a flying time that can be extended to a whopping 21 minutes. Within 40 to 50 minutes the batteries are recharged and ready for another flight. So you can make a test flight by yourself as well.

The SP350 is a great introduction to the world of drones. Your kids will love to fly around with this fun kids drone. By the time they have become true aerobats with their new toy you can think about an upgrade to a more advanced model. Snaptain has larger beginner models and advanced models of the highest quality to propel to the next level of drone flying.


Fun Flying Features

The Snaptain SP350 has a lot of great features to make flying around even more spectacular. The best thing is, all these aerobatics are easy to learn and thrilling combinations will be easy to master. So what tricks are we talking about?

  • Throw and go - You can throw the drone into the air from the palm of your hand. Take immediate control in mid-air. No need to put it on the ground first for a slower and controlled take off.
  • 3D flips and roll-overs - With simple combinations on the control pad you can already make impressive moves. Your kids will be exhilarated to make 3D  flips and roll-overs in all directions, like a real stunt pilot.
  • The high-speed circle fly feature - Another sensational trick is to fly in perfect circles on high speed.
  • 3-speed modes - There are 3 different speed modes. Commence the first flight on speed 1 to learn the controls and get the feeling with your high-tech toy. Speed 1 is also recommended for controlled indoor flying. Speed 2 accommodates to the intermediate pilot after the basics are learned. For the real speed devils and pros, it is time for speed level 3 and race through the air.


Safety First and Beginner Features

Nothing is more important than the safety of your child. Furthermore, you don't want your present to break down easily. We have incorporated many safety features to keep everyone safe including the drone itself.

  • The rotor blades are all-round protected for maximum safety and protection.
  • Taking off and landing are made easy. Simply press one button and it is done.
  • Afraid that your mini-drone gets lost easily? No worries, just long-press the first top key, and the Snaptain SP350 automatically returns to you.
  • Headless mode makes orientation easy. The SP350 remembers its positioning when taking off. In headless mode, the drone goes left and right from your point of view.
  • Auto-hover mode is perfect for smaller kids and absolute beginners. The advanced barometer makes flying super easy and stable. Auto-hover mode is excellent for indoor flying as well.


Snaptain Drones

Playing time is a great way for families to bond with each other. For children playing is even more important, it is a major way to learn new things. We believe that drones are an amazing way to learn. The Snaptain SP350 is the best introduction to the amazing world of flying and having fun together. When it is time to upgrade to a more advanced drone more options become available. With cameras attached to the drone, you and your children can make amazing family pictures, see the world from a different viewpoint, and create marvelous holiday pictures and videos.


With constant effort and dedication, we keep improving drone-designs and the quality of our products. The tablets to control the drones are developed to make it easy for children to use. We are pleased to tell you that our continuous efforts are appreciated by our rapidly growing customer base. Positive feedback is coming in daily from customers all over the world. We have become one of the top drone creators on Amazon because of our reliable, well-designed, and high-quality drones. Fly with us towards the future and become the masters of the sky.

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