5 Drone Shooting Tips for Aerial Photography Beginners

June 30, 2020 4 min read 4 Comments

5 Drone Shooting Tips for Aerial Photography Beginners

The rise in the popularity of drones has allowed photographers to take breath-taking images that we could never see before. Never before has it been so easy to capture aerial images from vantage points inaccessible to from the ground.

For aerial photography beginners looking to take their photography to new heights, Snaptain drone can help you achieve stunning, high-quality photos.

Like many of its counterparts, Snaptain is revolutionary in its ease-of-use while also making it fun to take aerial photographs – this makes it the ideal gadget for budding photographers.

But having a drone alone is not enough! Aerial photography is a skill that only a few tend to master.

Here are a few drone photography tips to get you started on your photography journey with Snaptain SP510

Shoot in RAW Format

Any professional photographer will tell you that a life-changing hack they learned early on is to shoot in RAW format.

This not only helps during post-processing but also preserves resolution and image detail that you would otherwise lose if you were shooting in jpeg.

It’s always better to work with uncompressed images instead of losing image data from the drone camera’s sensor. This way, you can also correct any flaws in your pictures’ color, brightness, and exposure without making them look unnatural.

Still not a fan of the RAW format? The SP510 comes equipped with a 2.7K Ultra HD camera that supports JPG format for images.  

Experiment with Panoramic Shots

Want to shoot images with an immense detail? You can look to retain more pixels for greater image detail by creating panoramic shots with your drone.

You can achieve this by taking several photographs while panning the camera to get a wider angle on the scene you want to capture. Stitch your shots in image post-processing together using editing software like Lightroom or Photoshop to create a single high-resolution panoramic image.

Not only does the Snaptain quadcopter help you capture higher resolution images, but it also assists in shooting scenes you wouldn’t be able to frame in a single wide-angle shot due to any legal limitations.

Incorporate Lines and Patterns

Drone photography opens up a whole new world of possibilities for photographers to take captivating shots that wouldn’t be possible on the ground level.

With the Snaptain quadcopter, you can shoot locations from a bird’s eye view, incorporating lines and patterns in your images that can make them more attractive.

These simple design elements can improve not only your composition but also influence your audiences’ perspective on your photos.

If you live in a city, there are virtually limitless opportunities where buildings and man-made structures provide unique outlines and perpendicular shapes. Want to add a hint of symmetry? Fields and landscape views are often perfectly symmetrical if you’re willing to look hard enough.

What’s better – combine the best of both man-made and natural features in your drone photography for a win-win situation! Snaptain drones have a foldable design that makes it easy to carry it wherever you go so you can take some amazing pictures no matter where you are.

Capture Light and Shadows

Light (particularly natural light) plays a vital role in how photographers capture the mood and tone of their subjects. Consequently, it also impacts how you compose and frame your shots.  

Capture the skyline in a new way – playing with light and shadows (especially when the sun is low). The sun will only stay in one position for so long, but there’s no need to worry. Snaptain drones offer a Single Tap feature that takes off instantly – so you never miss a moment!

Shooting with a quadcopter allows you to capture dramatic sunrise shots and elongated shadows that can convey a more profound message than words ever could.

Create Direct Overhead Shots

As a beginner, direct overhead shots can be a fun way to experiment with angles and perspective. They can be even better when you have the Snaptain SP510 Follow Me feature, which enables the drone to follow you at the angle and distance you require.

What’s more, the Point of Interest feature lets you focus the Snaptain drone on your subject of choice and film an all-round display video at the height you require – perfect for overhead shots!  

You’ll still find that there are some scenic views where direct overhead photographs depict the best story. Being able to capture these can help you improve your sense of composition and framing.  

Snaptain SP510


These are just a few tips to help you begin your journey into drone photography.

Make sure you buy a drone that is specially designed for beginners, but also packs in a punch with a high-performing camera – so you can take crisp and imaginative photos without compromising on quality.  

And don’t be afraid to experiment! You can always check on your Snaptain’s location from the App, and it will return to you whenever the battery is low, or you lose the signal. There’s no way you can lose this drone!

Ready to get started? Head on over to our website today to place an order!

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