SP700 GPS Drone - Your Ultimate Companion for a Fun-Filled Adventure Outdoors

June 29, 2020 3 min read 1 Comment

SP700 GPS Drone - Your Ultimate Companion for a Fun-Filled Adventure Outdoors

Whether it is for professional or personal use, drones have made our lives a lot easier. Enriching the videography experience and capturing every frame from a bird's eye view, drones are a significant advancement in camera technology. There are plenty of drones in the market that are known for their distinctive characteristics and features. If you are looking for a quadcopter that is loaded with features, there is one product that can certainly surprise you, i.e., Snaptain SP700 GPS Drone.

In this article, you will get to know more about the futuristic Snaptain SP700 GPS Drone, get close with its features, and learn why investing in this feature-full GPS drone is a smart choice. Without further ado, let's dig in.

Everything You Need To Know About SP700 GPS Drone

It was only a few years back Snaptain drone launched its GPS drone. Snaptain has been a leading drone creator since they have started introducing feature-loaded drones. Snaptain SP700 GPS Drone, in particular, is best known for its impressive camera quality, and GPS module. It's built, and design quality makes it a standalone quadcopter that you can use for different purposes. Snaptain SP700 GPS drone is made with ABS plastic, which makes it both appealing and durable. Let’s delve into more details of Snaptain SP700 GPS Drone to get a better understanding of this amazing quadcopter.

 Snaptain SP700

Key Specifications of Snaptain SP700


Flight Timeand Range

The flight performance is the major highlight of the Snaptain SP700. With 18 minutes of flight time, this Snaptain drone can cover up to 500 meters distance with the remote control.


As mentioned earlier, SP700 is made with durable ABS plastic that makes the built and designs strong and impressive. The ABS plastic also provides excellent impact resistance to the drone. The quality motors and battery used in the drone also add to its durability.


Another critical specification of SP700 is the 2K HD camera that captures everything in crystal clear quality, making your aerial photos and videos better than ever with Snaptain SP700.


When it comes to battery, SP700 is equipped with a 1,800 mAh battery that provides you with 18 minutes of flight time with a single charge. It takes around 150 minutes to completely charge the drone.

Network Transmission

This Snaptain marvel is equipped with 5G WiFi transmission that makes the camera quality even richer and enable a smooth transition. It also helps in strengthening the GPS signals.

 Snaptain SP700

Features That Matters


Return To Home

It is a smart feature in Snaptain SP700 that helps it to land safely. You can destine a home location, and when triggered, the drone can fly back to the spot.

Follow Me

You don't have to control your drone every time. With Follow Me feature, your drone will automatically follow you within a predetermined path. It gives a hands-free fly that makes it easier to maneuver.

Circle Fly

Also called by the name Point of Interest, these smart features create a predetermined distance within which your drone will fly. It also helps in keeping a range from a specific object and orbit around it to capture better.

Tap Fly

You can fly your drone in a particular pattern. All you need to do is draw dots on your app, and the drone will follow your route. For capturing different landscapes in varied routes, tap fly can help.

Headless Mode

With headless mode, you can always track your drone's orientation with the help of the transmitter. This particular feature makes it easier for beginners to learn to control the drone without losing its track.

One Key Take Off/Land

This particular feature comes handy in an emergency situation like a low battery. You just need to tap the key on the remote control to safely land the drone before the power goes.


Why Should You Buy Snaptain SP700 5G WiFi GPS Drone?

There is more than one reason to buy this Snaptain quadcopter equipped with all the trending features that make it potent and reliable for various purposes. Whether you need to cover a beautiful landscape from every angle or run surveillance in a particular area, Snaptain SP700 is your perfect ally. You can hardly find such advanced features in any other drones that are currently available in the market. Snaptain SP700, a lightning-fast drone that comes with a built-in GPS module, is worth every penny.

For those who need a quadcopter that makes their outdoor endeavors more exciting and adventurous, Snaptain SP700 is definitely the perfect buy. Without thinking anymore, get hands-on this amazing GPS drone that can make things way more straightforward for you!

Snaptain SP700



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Kent Williams
Kent Williams

December 21, 2020

The Snaptain SP700 drone flew well, and the image from the camera displayed well on my Samsung smart phone. However, it did not save pictures or videos on the phone that the application said it was taking successfully. The memory disk that was placed in the drone also had no data on it.

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