Wish to Set Your Sight High? SP510 is Your Best Buy!

June 24, 2020 3 min read 3 Comments

Wish to Set Your Sight High? SP510 is Your Best Buy!

Technology is ever-evolving and a little contribution to this evolution has come from the introduction of quadcopters.

Drones have seemingly grown to be the most popular technological innovations used for marketing, vigilance, and whatnot. Here, in this blog, we will discuss one such release that comes from the house of Snaptain- the SP510 Foldable GPS FPV drone, a very user-friendly and advanced gadget with some very cool features.

We will also discuss what makes it the best buy for you.

Snaptain SP510

The Snaptain SP510
The Snaptain SP510 is a medium-sized foldable fpv drone that is lightweight and easy to fly. The camera can record at 2.7K resolution at 24fps and can take 12MP images. It also comes with some advanced features like the GPS, smart flight mode, and auto return home feature. Users can also stream live footage in 720p with this drone that can deliver a flight time of 14-16 minutes. All in all, the SP510 is a beginner-friendly drone with cost averaging under $200.

2.7K High Resolution Camera
The camera is positioned on the nose of the drone, which is a 480p 2.7K UHD cam, that captures 2976p*1680p resolution images quite easily. The overall camera quality is good with the wide-angle image recording capabilities. The trickier part is, if you are looking to record the 2.7K resolution UHD images, you would need a microSD card for the same.

Long-lasting Battery
The drone comes powered with a 7.4V 1500mAh lipo battery that fits on the top of the drone. This is enough to deliver a flight time of 14-16 minutes depending upon how you fly the drone. If you are someone who makes extensive use of drones for shooting over the weekend, you can get some extra pairs of batteries and keep them charged for use.

Rechargeable Remote Control Drone
One of the other great aspects of the drone is the rechargeable remote control. The Snaptain SP510 comes with a simple remote control built using a minimalist design language. The remote is small and can be handled with the hand support that emerges from the bottom to the top. There is also a provision to adjust a smartphone in case a user wants to stream the live footage from the drone camera. The drone has clearly labeled buttons which make it easier for the user as well. The remote is also powered by an internal lipo battery which is rechargeable using the micro-USB cable that comes with this gadget.

Cool Construction
The most attractive thing about this drone is its cool design. The matte black color scheme combined with some super-cool LED lights give a futuristic look to the gadget. The construction of the frame material is done using lightweight plastic which totals the weight at 250g. The frame can be folded which makes it easier to travel with. In its expanded from the gadget measures 13.8*12.4*2.4 inches.

The drone is also equipped with propeller guards that prevent the drone from collision during flying situations. Overall, Snaptain has managed to release an ergonomic design in which controls are easy to reach and functions are fun and fast. With a one-button click feature for take-off, landing, and return, there’s nothing better we could hope for.

Some Additional Awesome Features

Snaptain Nova App
The Snaptain SP510 drone can easily be controlled using a smartphone app named “Snaptain Nova App”, which can be downloaded from both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The availability of this app also makes it easier for the user to access some advanced features like the smart flight mode, auto-return home, etc.

Auto-Return Home
This feature allows the user to pre-determine the flight path of the drone. Users can plot a path which will then be used by the drone to plot during its flight. This feature also eliminates the possibility to ever lose your drone.

Smart Flight Mode
The smart flight mode feature in the Snaptain SP510 is just incredible. This one is almost like the auto-return home feature in which a predetermined flying path is used by the drone to make its flight.

Snaptain SP510

The Final Word
There is a wide variety of beginner-friendly drones, however, if you are looking for something under the $200 market, the Snaptain SP510 is undoubtedly the machine you should be considering buying.

The amount of super-impressive features that this drone carries will allow you to take breathtakingly-amazing shots with super-stability. Plus, the battery backup and the remote control features are something you cannot miss.

Last but not the least, the foldability makes it everyone’s favorite. Easier to travel with, compact, and take up much lesser space in your luggage as compared to the competitors. Therefore, all in all, the Snaptain SP510 is definitely your best buy!

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Matteo Lisci
Matteo Lisci

June 11, 2021

Se posse possibile avere anche una seconda batteria di scorta sarebbe ideale per me ,porterlo usare per 15 minuti e poi dover aspettare 2 ore per poterlo riusare non è ideale per il mio utilizzo. Ma da quello che ho letto c’è solo una batteria in dotazione e di batterie di ricambi non ci sono.


December 27, 2020

I’m able to use a non-5g phone and connect just fine. I am a newbie and may discover there are some latency issues but only tiome and experience will tell.


August 21, 2020

must phone be 5g

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