The Drones You Should Buy in 2021

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the drones you should buy in 2021

Seeing as we live on the internet, it is almost a given that you might have stumbled across stunning shots of landscapes and cityscapes on your social media. These breathtaking shots might have just lured you into getting a drone for yourself and attempt similar feats. However, before you proceed, be warned for you will need to know a lot of things before you make this decision.

Firstly, you need to be aware of the cost of a good drone. These machines are not cheap by any means and you will have to fork out a lot of money to get a high-quality drone. However, seeing as you might just be starting in the world of drone photo and videography, SNAPTAIN produces some of the most affordable drones. Not only are these machines affordable, but they also pack an absolute punch!

You might be curious as to which SNAPTAIN drones are the best and where can you purchase them. You might first want to find out why drones are gaining such notoriety, their importance in social media today, and the technological advancements that have made them the next must-have in digital media.

Why is a drone important for good content?

best drone worthy buying 2021

As technology evolves, we can see that recording videos and taking pictures have also kept up the pace. High-definition photos and pictures are the standard these days. One of the key evolutions of technology has combined remote-controlled copters with high definition cameras to make drones. These machines have made it easy to capture beautiful shots. They have helped up the average production quality of any photo and videographer.

A machine such as a drone is critical if you want to try your hand in the media industry or even if you want to create films and shoot photos recreationally. They add a different dimension to your content and helps pull in views. While it has been a recent introduction to the world of media, drones have rapidly taken over and in the time it has come, it has evolved quite drastically.

How far has drone 2021 evolved?

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Today's drones come with some of the finest digital cameras around. They can record and shoot pictures in 4k, have a really good range, and can fly for at least half an hour. All of these things are nearly standard in an expensive drone. As time progressed two things happened; the drones became better, but they also became expensive. But these days even the most affordable drones come with a plethora of features.

Modern drones come equipped with gimbals for improved stability, fast charging for extended flight time, long-range radios for better control over distances, and high-definition cameras for better media. Drones by SNAPTAIN come with these features. They also include a host of automated features which make it easy to use the drones.

Advanced drone in 2021

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When we scan the market for the most advanced drone in 2021, we will find that some machines can cost upwards of a thousand dollars. For many people that is too expensive. What you might miss is that a lot of budget options come with very similar features, if not the same. The differences are minor and unless you are a professional, you will never notice it.

You will not be able to tell the difference between a 2K and a 4K video, and the difference in flight time is usually a few minutes. As the differences are subtle, it begs the question, why should you buy an expensive drone? The answer is quite simple unless you are an absolute professional, you do not need to. In fact, most drones from SNAPTAIN are very high-quality machines that come at a fraction of the price of high-end ones. They come with all the features that can rival an upmarket drone.

So now you might be thinking, what should you look for in a drone? In the section below, we have covered what you need to look for when purchasing a drone.

What you should look for in drones

  • Camera: As the purpose of this article is to educate those that wish to buy a drone just to capture media, the camera is the priority. Today's drones come with capable and powerful cameras. SNAPTAIN drones come with cameras that can shoot in 4K and 2K. Both of these resolutions will help you capture your shots in extreme detail and get the most vivid reproduction of colors possible.
  • Stability: When you are recording videos you do not want glitchy and shaky shots. When purchasing a drone check to see if it comes with a multi-axis gimbal, which is a gyroscopic stabilization system. It ensures that your shot remains untouched despite the motion.
  • Battery: A good drone comes with a battery that lasts at least 15 minutes. SNAPTAIN's drones give you on average 20 minutes, which is more than enough to capture your desired shots. You also want your drones to have replaceable batteries so that you can get an extended flying time.
  • Range: Drones can be flown around up to a hundred meters off the ground and they can be flown as far as 500 meters. This distance is an ideal benchmark as you can capture a panoramic shot of the area, record wide-angle videos, and even capture entire cityscapes.
  • Price: You would ideally not want to break the bank when buying a drone. It is advisable to keep the spending under the 500 dollar threshold. You will be surprised to find the amazing number of drones that come under this budget. SNAPTAIN drone 2021 comes with a complete set of features that will help you get professional-level media for a fraction of the price.

Drone worthy buying right now

Now that we have covered everything that you need to look at when buying a drone, let us look at two standout budget options. Both of these drones are made by SNAPTAIN. You will not go wrong picking either one. However, we have dissected the features of both drones to help you choose.


SNAPTAIN SP7100 comes with a 4K camera

A powerful drone that comes with a first-in-class brushless motor, this machine makes virtually zero noise when you operate it. The SNAPTAIN SP7100 comes with a 4K camera, which allows you to capture the best possible footage. It also comes pre-programmed with various flight modes that allow you to seamlessly control it. It has a powerful GPS and a return-to-home function that helps it get back to the starting point if the battery is low or if it loses signal. It has a 5GHz Wi-Fi module so that you get lossless live video. The drone has an impressive 26-minute battery life and is replaceable for longer battery life.

4K camera GPS tracker drone

It also has an intelligent follow-me mode where the drone can follow the app's signal and record flawlessly. You can also program the drone to capture images and video at a particular height and radius.


SNAPTAIN SP600N 2K camera photo drone

Featuring a camera that can capture in 2K with a 100-degree field-of-view, the SNAPTAIN SP600N is a powerhouse. A dual-axis gimbal stabilizes shots irrespective of the movement of the drone. There is also the presence of a GPS return-to-home feature and various other flight modes to keep things interesting. It also has a one-key return and a follow-me feature to ensure that the drone is nearby at all times, perfect for beginners. With 18-minute battery life, you can rest assured the media you want will be captured.


SP600N advanced drone in 2021


SNAPTAIN's range of drones is ideal for individuals who are starting, in fact, these drones are more than capable to fill the needs of even the most seasoned enthusiasts.


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